Home of the Area Guide


Welcome to Growth Media, home of the Area Guide. An A4, 12 page guide, available to home buyers or renters, when purchasing or renting a home through a real estate agency. Built from statistics and features of their new neighbourhood. This information is sourced from StatsNZ and QV, and a few other similar data points.

This guide will help the buyer/renter, who have found themselves in a situation where they know nothing about their surroundings – as we expect most new comers into an area are.

The guide features the historical growth of your area over the past five years, the area’s demographics – type of people that live there, local business hubs for shopping, supermarkets as well as some conveniently located businesses that can help them with their day to day needs.

Our goal is to save the buyer/renter money by helping them make informed decisions when purchasing/renting a new home.
A sample mock up is below.